Elinoy Kisslove

founder, graffiti artist and entrepreneur

Certified tour guide, BA in Israel studies. theatre graduate “Thelma Yellin” art school

I believe that self-expression is crucial, and that graffiti is a great tool for that. All you really need is to speak from the heart, without necessarily having a comprehensive artistic education. Persistent practice and training can help you improve and lead to amazing results.

In time, I realized that I need to share my own personal stories, in order to establish a good connection with people and help open their eyes to new things.

I wish to encourage people to connect with the environment and local atmosphere. I do that by enabling encounters with art, local creators and the stories behind them.

I want to inspire and encourage creativity and self fulfilment. I introduce people to new and original artistic world. The foundation of Grafityul and the activities we offer is give me great satisfaction and my own space for rediscovery every day.