Athens considered as a true paradise for foodies. You can sense the local’s passion for food all over the streets. This will not be a standard tour. In that tour you will have a chance to taste different flavors by using both your hands and eyes, while discussing politics and history. Join us for a joyful experience that could open your eyes to another side of Athens, and help you find your own connection to local life.

  • Visit local places where you can see, smell and taste variety of dishes we have selected especially for you.
  • Listen in depth to stories of the food and the creative people behind it.
  • Connect to local culture by tasting local dishes.
  • Visit unique places, that you may not have noticed by yourself.
  • See how food is a dominant cultural characteristic in Athens local life.

Join us for a tasting tour and get to know Athens and local people through food, and the stories behind the food.

Duration: about an hour and a half

Availability: Mondays till Saturday – on 15:00, Sundays on 11:00

** the tour consists of about 5 tastings that can replace an average meal.

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