About Us

Grafitiyul was founded in 2012 by Jonatan kis-lev and Elinoy kisslove, siblings, graffiti artists and local creators.  

In 2011, at the height of social protest, we wanted to send a message and raise awareness to important social issues and thus encourage change. Since public spaces are accessible to everyone, we realized that expressing ourselves through graffiti was the most effective tool, combining art and protest.

We were amazed to see different kinds of reactions to our work and the impact it made on society. We also realized that graffiti has a negative image in a lot of peoples’ mind. We saw it as our mission to introduce more people to the inner world of graffiti artists and expose more people to the art form, hoping it might change that image.

We started arranging fascinating graffiti tours that revealed spectacular pieces of art and the stories behind them. Understanding that graffiti is a powerful tool, kept us in pursuit of our passion, and led us to offer extra activities related to graffiti. We chose to offer hands-on graffiti workshops, professional graffiti courses and established a special program of educational projects. Over time, we added tasting tours, another window into “street level”, during which you can visit unique local places.  

Our vision is to broaden people’s horizons and raise awareness of a whole new world of creativity that exists in public space. We also find it valuable to inspire and encourage curiosity. We focus on creative people that have chosen to express their messages to society and transform unique ideas into visible art and local places. We tell the stories behind art and artists, hoping to connect you with this wonderful and often misunderstood art form, and just like the art form – we aim to engage your senses and open a new dialogue.

Grafitiul specializes in guided graffiti and street art tours, tasting tours, and a combination of the two. Private tours or individuals, we can tailor the tour to fit your needs. We operate tours in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beth Lehem and Athens. Grafitiul also offers hands-on workshops, professional courses and Youth Educational Projects formed to fit teen audience.

All tours are conducted by professional and experienced local guides, passionate artists with an ongoing connection to the local atmosphere, people and stories.

Join us and discover a whole new world of creativity on the streets with Grafitiul.

Our Team

Yuval Knobel

graffiti artist, BA in education & psychology

Niva alosh

artist, actress and creator. performed around the world, Bosnia, Paris and New York

Hadar gabay

artist, MA in theatre studies

Jeanne Ben-Kalifa

graffiti artist, creator, social activist

Yaara Filo

Artist, actress, creator

Lorna Goldman

reservation manager, movement therapist

Marvina Sinjari

Tour Guide Athens